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ReCast 20in20

Re-cast your fav. character and make icons~

ReCast 20in20 - a re-casting community!
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ReCast roles to those who YOU want as your fav. character!

Welcome to recast20in20~
& Welcome to recast20in20, an icon challenge community dedicated to creating 20 icons in 20 days, with a twist; you'll be claiming RE-CASTS.

This community was inspired by vampires20in20 and guys20in20, as well as all the other great 20in20 communities out there!

What the heck IS a re-cast?

Fed up of seeing a certain person as your favourite fictional character in a movie?

Think that maybe someone else could have played Edward Cullen/Harry Potter/Lucas Scott/Rory Gilmore/Batman/The Prince of Persia better?

Why not RE-CAST them to suit you, and then make 20 icons in 20 days about it so everyone knows! :D



For claiming a celebrity/couple:

[x] You will have to choose a character/ship you wish to re-cast, and then iconise, for that round.
[x] You may not choose the same character/ship two rounds in a row, however every third round is fine.
[x] You can only sign up with one character/ship per round/month.


For posting your icons:

[x] You must be a MEMBER in order to participate!
[x] All icons must be new and specifically for that particular round.
[x] All icons must fit LJ standards. Animation is NOT allowed!
[x] Please keep the content of your icons at very most PG-13, no nudity, minor language is okay. If anything is bad, make sure you state so outside the cut.
[x] Since you can post to the community or your own journal, all entries must be public, you may use/post the icons elsewhere.
[x] Please post with 3 teaser icons. NO BANNERS.
[x] Also make sure that ALL of your icons are finished before you post!
[x] ALL posts are moderated and must be approved before they can be shown on the community, so always DOUBLE-CHECK.



[x] Themes: Each round you will be given 10 themes. I will try my best to change them and give brand new ones every round. Feel free to give suggestions at the suggestion post, however.
[x] Category: Each round you will be given a category theme where all 5 icons will have something in common.
[x] Artist's Choice: This is self-explanitory, but in case it's not, you will make 5 icons where you can do whatever you'd like so long as they follow the rules (LJ standards and NO animation).



[x] You will vote for each theme individually.
[x] All the Category Sets and AC Sets will be voted for individual icons as well as the FULL sets!
[x] All the voting will be in separate posts. The theme voting will probably be broken into two posts.

Info. from guys20in20 and edited accordingly.
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